Accepted Posters, Demos, and Short Talks


1. Ziya Gulgun, Erik G. Larsson and Panos Papadimitratos, Statistical Method for Spoofing Detection at Mobile GNSS Receivers

2. [Poster] Ken Reese, Trevor Smith, Jonathan Dutson, Jonathan Armknecht, Jacob Cameron and Kent Seamons, A Longitudinal Study of Five Two-Factor Authentication Methods

3. [Poster] Boel Nelson, Randori, Differentially Private Data Collection Made Accessible

4. Samuel Nana Eshun and Paolo Palmieri, Privacy preserving protocol for indoor Wi-Fi localization

5. Léon McGregor, Manuel Maarek, Sandy Louchart and Ross McMenemy, A Tower Defence Game for Secure Programming: Design, Development, Perspectives

6. Benjamin Eriksson, Jonas Groth and Andrei Sabelfeld, On the Road with Third-Party Apps: Security Analysis of an In-Vehicle App Platform

7. [Poster] Rodothea Myrsini Tsoupidi, DivCon: Compiler-based Diversification Against Code-reuse Attacks

8. [Poster] Iulia Bastys, Musard Balliu and Andrei Sabelfeld, Securing IoT Apps

9. [Poster] Agustín Mista and Alejandro Russo, Automated Penetration Testing with QuickCheck

10. [Poster] Jonas Haglund, Trustworthy Isolation of a Network Interface Controller

11. [Poster] Andreas Lindner, Hamed Nemati, Pablo Buiras, Roberto Guanciale and Swen Jacobs, Validation of Abstract Side-channel Models for Computer Architectures

12. Abderrahmane Sensaoui, Oum-El-Kheir Aktouf and David Hely, Hardware-Based isolation and attestation architecture fo a RISC-V core

13. [Poster] Marco Vassena, Klaus Gleissenthall and Deian Stefan, A type-system for Transient Information-Flow Control

14. [Poster] Cesare Bartolini, Said Daoudagh, Gabriele Lenzini and Eda Marchetti, GDPR-based Access Control

15. Esteban Armas, Daniel Povedano Alvarez, Carlos Quinto Huaman, Edgar Gonzalez Fernandez, Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco and Luis Javier García Villalba, RAMSES: Internet Forensic Platform for Tracking the Money Flow of Financially-motivated Malware

16. Edgar González Fernández, Esteban Armas, Daniel Povedano, Carlos Quinto Huamán, Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco and Luis Javier García Villalba, Forensic Analysis for Videos of Mobile Devices

17. [Poster] Khaled Alanezi and Shivakant Mishra, Individual and Group Based Privacy Negotiation Mechanism for IoT

18. Carlos Tomé Cortiñas, Marco Vassena and Alejandro Russo, Provably secure API for Leak-Avoidant Resource Provisioners

19. Sebastian Österlund, Koen Koning, Pierre Olivier, Antonio Barbalace, Herbert Bos and Cristiano Giuffrida, kMVX: Detecting Kernel Information Leaks with Multi-Variant Execution

20. [Poster+Short Talk:] Fabio Massacci and Giorgio Di Tizio, Cyber Security Risk as an Experimental Discipline: a Proposal Building upon Capture the Flags

21. [Poster+Short Talk:] Hongyu Jin and Panos Papadimitratos, Achieving Scalable and Resilient Cooperative Awareness in VANETs

22. Michail Pachilakis, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Evangelos Markatos and Nicolas Kourtellis, Nothing is free in the web: you just don't know the price. Transparency on RTB with YourAdvalue tool

23. [Short Talk] Thiemo Voigt, LifeSec - Don’t Hack my Body

24. [Poster] Thiemo Voigt, Tumor Sensing Privacy in In-Body Networks

25. [Poster] Stephan van Schaik, Alyssa Milburn, Sebastian Österlund, Pietro Frigo, Giorgi Maisuradze, Kaveh Razavi, Herbert Bos and Cristiano Giuffrida, RIDL: Rogue In-Flight Data Load

26. [Poster] Pablo Sánchez Carmona and Panos Papadimitratos, Secure and private pedestrian safety

27. Emmanouil Karampinakis, Michalis Pachilakis, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Antonis Krithinakis and Evangelos P. Markatos, The coin that never sleeps. The privacy preserving usage of Bitcoin in a longitudinal analysis as a speculative asset

28. Daniel Bosk and Sonja Buchegger, CROCUS: Crowd Counting Using Smartphones

29. Daniel Bosk and Sonja Buchegger, SPORES: Transferring files without the Cloud

30. [Poster] Sam Hylamia, Christian Rohner and Thiemo Voigt, Tiek: Two-tier Authentication and Key Distribution for Wearable Devices

31. Carlos Quinto Huamán, Daniel Povedano Álvarez, Esteban Alejandro Armas Vega, Edgar Gonzalez Fernandez, Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco and Luis Javier García Villalba, Social Media Network Detection Based on the Video Containers Structure Analysis

32. [Poster] Bei Liang and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa, How to Robustly Distribute the Computation of Pseudorandom for General Access Structures

33. Wenqing Yan, Thiemo Voigt and Christian Rohner, Physical Layer Anomaly Detection System for Wearable Devices

34. [Poster] Mohammad Khodaei and Panos Papadimitratos, A Cooperative Location Privacy Protection for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

35. [Poster+Demo] Hamid Noroozi, Mohammad Khodaei and Panos Papadimitratos, VPKIaaS: Towards Scaling Pseudonymous Authentication for Large Mobile Systems

36. [Poster] Hamed Arshad, Pablo Picazo-Sanchez, Christian Johansen and Gerardo Schneider, Attribute-Based Encryption with Enforceable Obligations

37. [Poster+Short Talk:] Kewei Zhang and Panos Papadimitratos, Is the upcoming Galileo Authenticated GNSS Signals safe enough?





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