CySeP Registration




Registration Fees SEK Euros (~11.2 SEK/Euro)
Doctoral Students (early) 1120 (900 + 25% VAT) ~100
Doctoral Students 1750 (1400 + 25% VAT) ~156
Everyone else (early) 1750 (1400 + 25% VAT) ~156
Everyone else 2500 (2000 + 25% VAT) ~223
On-site (online) registration (all, June 8 on) 3125 (2500 + 25% VAT) ~280

All fees include VAT. If you work for a Swedish public organization (e.g., a Swedish public university), you are entitled to a VAT refund: when you submit your CySeP registration cost to your home organization for reimbursement, your economy department can obtain a VAT refund from the tax authorities as per their routines.

As the registration cost is already very low, covering the entire week, we cannot offer single-day registrations. You are welcome to register and attend part of the program – at registration time, you can indicate that and help us plan catering.

Social event: Stockholm archipelago hike, on Saturday, June 15, 2024. This is an optional event, an excursion by bus to a hike-friendly area and the beach at Gålö. The cost (covering only the bus transfer) is not included in the registration fee and you register for yourselves and accompanying person(s)). You can bring your own supplies or use the restaurant and shop there. The bus will depart from the KTH campus ( at 9:00 and from Cityterminalen ( at 9:15am.

The registration and the submission of a poster/demo are independent. Please submit your poster/demo proposal separately as per the Call for posters/demos. You can register and indicate your intention to potentially submit a poster/demo (even if you eventually don’t do so).



Course Credits


Undergraduate (BSc/MSc) students and everyone else qualified and interested can apply for admission to the dedicated course EP250V through (course period: Sommar 2024, course name: Sommarskola i cybersäkerhet och integritet, course code: KTH-45022). Application closed.

Admission and registration will follow, along with the registration above for CySeP. Admitted and registered undergraduate students can attend for free.

Attendance in person throughout the week of June 10-14, 2024 is mandatory to obtain credits. The rest of the course work can be flexibly completed online by August 25, 2024.

Graduate (PhD) students do not need to follow the above procedure but they can also obtain credits; either through the third cycle course code at KTH (EP3500) or at their home institutions, based on an attestation provided at the end of the course period.





A number of spots with free registration are available for volunteers – please contact us at stating your interest. Priority will be given to undergraduate students that do not plan to take the course (obtain credits).